Are you maximizing the potential of your website traffic?

Website traffic is something every one who is a network marketer or wants to be a successful network marketer knows they must have to accomplish their goal of building an automated direct response marketing system capable of generating leads, prospects, and customers.

The most important tool every marketer needs is to have their own website, not a replicate of an affiliate website, but their very own bought and paid for website that they can do what ever they want to do with it, when they want to do it.

In my opinion this is a top priority in becoming a successful marketer.

There are a lot of companies where you can pick up a cheap website and be online in a couple of days, but, don't go there, there are a few really good companies to get your website from and you should definitely use one of them.

They will cost more but it will be well worth it to do it right.

Now I'm not against affiliate marketing, as a matter of fact I love it, but the fact is that you can do affiliate marketing a whole lot better with your own website.

Also you can build and nurture your own free website traffic a lot better once you have your own website and domain name, there is absolutely no comparison.

A properly built and highly organized website that is effectively monetized puts you on the road to internet marketing success, with out a doubt.

The whole concept of how to market on the internet has been totally miss-represented to the public at large and to the newbies in particular.

There is a proper way to fire your boss and become a successful marketer enjoying multiple streams of income that will last for many, many years, all you have to do is hitch your wagon to the proper star and learn how to create free, targeted, website traffic, believe me it can and is being done easily every day.