using googles adsense publishers to monetize a website

Do you know that adsense publishers on the internet can make a lot of money, Google has a program called Adsense that will allow you to earn cash off websites you build.

To make money, Google requires that you have quality content. Then they will give you code to add to the sites so that you can display Adwords ads on your site.

Now, let’s clarify the distinction between Adwords and Adsense. Adwords is the program that advertisers use to place their ads on Google’s search results and partner network.

There is an Adsense publisher in the partner network (and that is, You!).

To make money, Google calls you a publisher, now, it is possible to make money Google style by having just one powerful blog that draws a ton of traffic.

There are a few examples of this, most people who make money with Adsense do so by having multiple sites. There are Adsense publishers with several hundred sites. This is the model we’re going to be discussing in this article.

The first thing you need to do is get a Google Adsense code, In order to qualify, you have to have some sort of website, and A free blogger blog will suffice.

Next, you need to build your first site, You should have 10 to 20 pages of content plus the “supporting pages” such as a site map and privacy policy. Google requires that all sites displaying Adsense must have a privacy policy.

On each of the content pages, you should have at least one adsense block. There are three kinds of Adsense products. The most popular is the “Ads by Google” blocks that come in a variety of sizes.

Most successful adsense publishers say they make the most money with Google Adsense using the large rectangle ad blocks. Then, there are some that look like text links.

If you make these look like your navigation bar, you can get people to click on them thinking they are a natural part of your site.

Finally, there is a Google search box which will allow you to make money off Google’s organic search. It is generally recommended that you use just one of each kind of ad. That’s because the more ads you place on the page, the lower in value many of the ads will be.

To make money, Google ads must be of maximum value. After you have built your site, you need to generate traffic to it.

While there are many traffic methods you could use, here are some of the more popular methods, like, submitting articles to directories, using social bookmarking, doing on page SEO to get listed in the search engines, and creating Web 2.0 properties such as Squidoo lenses.

Once you have built an Adsense website, it’s time to start on the next one, The idea is that you are continually building new sites to increase your income.

It is possible to build a virtual real estate empire and support yourself nicely in the process. You can use the internet to make money, and Google Adsense is one way to do it.

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