learning basic affiliate marketing strategies

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most exciting and lucrative means of making money on the internet, but you have to do it properly at the beginning and lay the ground work to have a successful business.

Now I always scream out that you absolutely have to have your own website to do most any type of business or marketing on the net and this type of marketing is no exception.

Now, you can use affiliate websites and promote them and in some cases have decent results,but there are problems with these type of websites.

For instance you may be able to only promote one product or service with an affiliate website,but if you have your own site ,with a lot of relevant and targeted content, and your own auto-responder and hosting services, then you will be able to promote many different products and services from this one site.

Now you may decide to start out with promoting just one product and then after that is going well you may want to branch out with many more a little later on. Of course it is much better to promote as many successful products as you can handle,diversifying is smart,you don't want to get caught with all your eggs in one basket.

And during tough times (like we're in now) you never know when any business is going to fold his tent and say goodbye.

Every affiliate marketer has to have a lot of things going for him in order to be successful, he may have to decide whether to use organic search engine optimization, paid search engine marketing, email marketing or maybe even article marketing and a host of other options to promote the product or service.

So how do you find these affiliate products to promote, well there are a few good places to start looking, my favorite place is “click bank”,commission junction is another good one,the "click bank market place" contains over 15,000 products to choose from.

Statistics say that 80% of affiliate programs today use revenue sharing or cost per sale (c.p.s.) as a compensation method, 19% use cost per action(c.p.a.) and the remaining 1% or less use cost per click(c.p.c.) or cost per mile (c.p.m.). Revenue sharing or (c.p.s.) is the only one I have ever used.

Also keep in mind that c.p.s. methods require that referred visitors must do more than just visit the advertisers website before the affiliate receives a commission.the advertiser must actually convert that visitor first.

It is in the best interest for the affiliate to send the best targeted traffic to the advertiser as possible to increase the chance of a conversion,and obviously the risk and loss is shared between the affiliate (you) and the advertiser.

Affiliate marketing usually takes advantage of new and emerging trends and technologies, the trial and error approach is the best way to describe the various methods used by affiliate marketers.

Be cautious and be fully aware that there is no legally binding rules or regulations that must be followed in this industry.

Affiliate marketing can offer you the earning opportunity that you've been looking for and you have easy access to lots of helpful tips and information to insure your success as you confidently work from your home. affiliate marketing internet marketing email marketing article marketing viral marketing marketing tactics internet marketing myths email marketing software