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professionally build website traffic through proper site structure and monetization

Lets get into some basics on how to build website traffic, obviously if your not getting visitors to your site your not going to make any money.

Many people build or have built for them an absolutely fantastic looking website, it appears to have all the MUST HAVE bells and whistles that most feel is necessary for a successful and profitable website.

Yeah man, I'm all set, let the moolah come rolling in. A month goes by, a few hits, no sales. 6 months goes by and PANIC has set in, some things wrong here, I haven't made a dime yet.

Now a year has gone by, I give up, I've tried everything all the GURU'S said I needed to do to be successful, I've spent hundreds of dollars to increase website traffic and not a sale yet.

I can't keep this up, I'm shutting my website down, not renewing my domain name, I've had it. Does this scenario sound familiar, it should, it has been estimated that 97% of all people trying to build website traffic for an online business has failed miserably.

Is there a reason for this, sure all the so called guru's are selling outdated material on how to make it big on the web and making great money in the process.

Most of them have an Idea that what there selling won't work, but they say it worked great for me. Of course we all know things change fast in the online world and what worked yesterday may not work today.

Having said that, I will have to admit there are some systems out there that will work to build website traffic and even build FREE, TARGETED traffic.

Lucky me I know what systems work and which ones don't work, keep in mind, getting a lot of traffic is not all its cracked up to be either, once you drive website traffic to your site, to be successful you have to know how to convert the traffic to sales, and that can be a whole new ball game.

There are some very cheap programs that some people have had success with but I personally had no luck whatsoever with them, I'm talking about programs like exchange links, traffic exchanges, etc., I'm not downing them, they just weren't for me.

Some of the things that work best takes a lot of your time to do them and I realize a lot of us are always pressed for time.

I'm talking about submitting articles, creating a newsletter, and joining online communities and forums.

well no matter what system or program you try whether you have your own product or you are doing affiliate marketing or whatever, the bottom line is still this, you must have your own website, and once you have that, you must have it properly structured, and monetized to be successful.

You must have a plan, and you need to have patience while learning how to build website traffic the proper way, the professional way.

Once you have mastered this there is nowhere to go but up. just remember this old saying "whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way your right." build website traffic increase website traffic free website traffic targeted website traffic marketing website traffic website traffic conversion website success

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