how email marketing can work for you

Email marketing is,as the name suggests,the use of email in marketing communications. In general it's used to send promotional emails in an attempt to acquire new customers or persuade existing customers to buy again,encourage customer loyalty, and enhance the customer relationship.

This type of marketing is very popular because it is much cheaper than most other forms of communication, and it lets you deliver your message directly to your prospect, instead of your prospect coming to your website.

All things considered, using email has proven it can be very successful for those who do it right. Here are three popular types of marketing by email:

#1. direct email - this involves sending a promotional email to a new prospect or a current customer.

#2. retention email - this type is things like ezines, newsletters, and free ebooks and will contain information that informs,entertains or in some way benefits the reader.

#3. advertising in other marketers emails - instead of producing your own ezine, or newsletter, you can pay others to put your advertisements in the email they send to their subscribers.

Now just think of how much quicker and cheaper it is to send messages to thousands of email addresses as compared to thousands of snail mail postal addresses.

Keep in mind of course that all is not wine and roses, there are some challenges with email marketing, like designing and delivering your message to your targeted audience and hope they actually read and respond to your message,then you always have to measure and analyze the results also.

Please don't forget that responsible emailing requires that you have that persons permission before you can send them a commercial email. If you send commercial email without their permission then that is flat out SPAM.

And believe me you don't ever want to be caught doing something stupid like spamming, it can flat out ruin your credibility and online reputation and your business can go down hill fast. It's very important that anyone marketing by email read up on the subjects of permission ,spam and double opt-in.

Now after cautioning everyone on spam,please don't panic because it's really pretty easy to ensure that the mailing lists you use or the list you've built yourself are permission based.

One of the great things about email advertising is that advertisers can generate repeat business affordably and automatically and can track and communicate with your prospects and customers through a wonderful mechanism called an autoresponder. The autoresponder has done great things for email advertising.

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