free and inexpensive ways to build free-website-traffic

Is free-website-traffic possible or only a dream, Ever wonder how the big guru's get lots of traffic to their web-sites, most of them spend a lot of money to do it, but it's worth it to them because they have made a lot of money in the past and they now have all the money and resources they need to drive massive traffic to their high earning web-sites.

Well obviously everyone does not have this kind of money to throw around, so lets look at some ways to get "less expensive" or "free-website-traffic".


This is a proven method and you will rarely see a successful web-site where there is no LINK to another site. If your willing to exchange links with other web-site's so that they can produce more public awareness for their sites, then soon after you should start getting traffic to your site from links from their sites. It can be a win, win situation for all parties involved.

The main requirement for exchanging links with other sites is to insure you have the same niche as they do. You should share the same topic and information to be of interest to your target market. Link exchanging also increases your chances for getting a higher ranking in search engine results, especially if you have both inbound and outbound theme related links.

With a high ranking in the search engines it is reasonable to expect a lot more traffic to your site and at low or no cost.Now beware of almost all of the outdated link exchange programs,getting inbound links from them could devastate your link program.

It's always best to check these things out before you commit time and resources to them.


what you do is exchange your website link for another persons link,then each time you click on their links you earn credits toward your website link. you can get a lot of free traffic with this type of program but it's not "targeted traffic", and these programs take up a tremendous amount of your valuable time.

You will have to decide if it's worth it to you.


Write and submit articles to various places on the internet, there are article submission directories and ezines you can use to submit to. This is one of the "oldest" and one of the "best" ways to get free-website-traffic. Good articles stay on the Internet for years and keep sending you free-website-traffic.

Just make sure your article is about your niche and is relevant to your web-site.


I know this sounds like a lot of work to assemble the articles and information to put into a newsletter, but it's really not that bad once you get the hang of it. If you have good content and it becomes a very good newsletter other writers will ask to submit articles to your newsletter if you allow their name and link to remain on it. You will build a lot of free-website- traffic and a list of qualified readers who will visit your site regularly.


this is all about communication and relationship building, social networking sites are easy to set up, easy to network with and very easy to find new people to interact with. some of the more popular social network sites are: stumble-upon, face-book, my-space, delicious, twitter, zenzuu, direct matches and many others.

The list is growing daily and it is a up and coming trend in network marketing.

well these are just some of the more popular ways of getting free and inexpensive website traffic, of course I would recommend that you check each one out separately to determine which if any of these programs are right for you. free and inexpensive ways to build free-website-traffic targeted website traffic marketing website traffic website traffic conversion increase website traffic build website traffic website success

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