Improving Google Adsense Revenue

Give yourself a raise. Here is how to improve your Google Adsense revenue.

First, you have to make sure that people want to click on the ads. That means having lots of white space around the ad so that your visitor’s eyes are drawn to the ad.

Experiment with colors. Certain publishers believe that having the usual blue ad color scheme works best to boost Google Adsense earnings while others believe that if you include your site’s color scheme into the ad, you will get better click through rates. You’ll have to test this one and find out what works best for your ad sites.

Next, you have to see Google Adsense money as a numbers game. It’s all about eyeballs. The more people that you get to your site or sites, the more availabilities you will have to make money. If your goal is to make $100,000 a year in Google Adsense profits, you must make $274 per day.

If you can write one blog that brings in the $274, that’s great. But, recognize that most Adsense publishers make a lot less than that per page. So, if you make $1 per page, you need to have 274 pages of website content.

That can be broken down into quite a few sites. Maybe you can have 15 to 20 websites with 15 to 20 content pages on each and every one.

Keep in mind that if you can amplify your click through rate, you increase your Google Adsense revenue as well. For example, most publishers get around a 5 percent ctr.

But, the more challenging publishers who have figured out a method and a template that works for them can have 20 percent of their visitors click.

If you make, on average, $0.25 per click that means you need 1096 clicks to get to your $274. At a 5 percent ctr, you need 21,920 visitors to your blogs a day.

At a 20 percent ctr, the number of needed visitors drops to 5480. That suggests you only need a quarter of the visitors to get the same results. On the other hand, if you can keep those 21,920 visitors, but increase your ctr, you will make over $400,000 per year.

Make sure that you are aiming for high paying keywords with these pages. While it is pleasant to make a little bit of “Christmas money” from your hobby site, real internet entrepreneurs build sites not because they personally find the subjects intriguing but because they can make money off of them.

Legal, financial, and domain based keywords pay the most income. Knitting, on the other hand, doesn’t pay much, as you can imagine.

The profit formula for Adsense publishers is determining high paying keywords to target, promoting a website that drives customers to click on the ads, and then generating traffic to the site. If you can control these three simple things, you can make a fortune with Adsense.

Once you get started with the program, concentrate on improving any one of these three areas and you will be able to improve Google Adsense revenue. google adsense revenue google adsense profits adsense publishers