dangers of internet marketing myths

Internet marketing myths cause thousands of people to go online to make money every day, but most of them fail miserably because they truly believe the hype and outright lies they have been told. Many guru's say internet marketing is a snap, there's nothing to it , a child could do it.

Well don't you believe it, Internet marketing is hard, it takes time, and effort, not mention money, knowledge, and perseverance. And anyone who suggests otherwise is trying to sell you a bill of goods. Of course I know you've heard the rhetoric, that anybody can make money online, it's easy.

This is obviously not true, its a known fact that only about 3% of people who try to make money on the internet actually succeed. The other 97% fail miserably after having spent a lot of time and money.

Many new internet marketers get scammed by falling for the vicious “get rich quick schemes” that say getting rich in a hurry is a piece of cake on the internet.

One of my favorite Internet marketing myths is the come-on of saying internet marketing is free, it doesn't cost you anything, try it you'll like it. Then, reality sets in, internet business start-up cost's and maintenance cost's obviously are not free.

Once you have built your website, paid your domain fees and your internet connection cost's, advertising and marketing will also cost a bundle, then you say what was I thinking, it still takes money to make money.

Then you hear the naysayers screaming that the internet is dying, remember all those dot-coms that went under at the turn of the century, don't get caught up in this trap of trying to make money on the net, it won't work.

Well please don't believe the naysayer's they are just trying to discourage you because if you try and succeed at marketing then you are their COMPETITION and they don't want any more competition.

The fact is, it's never to late to start an internet business, so don't let these internet marketing myths keep you from realizing your dream of being a success on the internet.

The INTERNET is still growing by leaps and bounds every day, and more people are shopping and buying on the net than ever before.

And so I say don't believe any of the myth's you are hearing,check things out yourself and make your own informed decisions concerning marketing on the web.

Of course I still believe if you have your own website and build keyword rich content that is relevant to your niche you will get hordes of free traffic to your site and this my friend is also not a myth. internet marketing myths internet marketing email marketing article marketing affiliate marketing viral marketing marketing tactics email marketing software