a good link strategy is to utilize all means of getting back-links to your site

A good link strategy is vital to achieving long term success in the proper marketing of any website, but what you need to know is how to get links and what type of links you want.

Back links or incoming links or the type of links that is preferred and there are a few different ways to get your incoming links.

Search engines use the number of back links as a barometer for determining your websites search engine ranking.

Now keep in mind, you don't want just any back link, you want valuable back links.

You want links from authoritative sights that has the same niche that you have and is probably using the same or similar keywords that your using on your website.

One way to find out approximately the number of back links your getting is by checking a couple of important search engines like google or yahoo. You can search google by using, link:wikipedia.org or using, link:en.wikipedia.org and you can also check, yahoo's site explorer to get the number of back links on a site.

Search engines like google and yahoo have been built on the concept of link popularity.

Ok if your new website has been properly optimized for the search engines and you have keyword focused content then you should experience organic search rankings in a matter of months and this could reduce the amount of back links needed.

A good link strategy would be to check out all the available places you can get back links.

Quality links drive traffic and a strong base of inbound links can deliver you customers far into the future.

Check out link directories,search for the most popular and reliable directories like DMOZ, you have to be careful when picking a link directory because some charge you for submitting your link but offer little or no value for your money.

If you get into reciprocal linking be sure that the link your receiving is equal to the link your giving them.

Submitting articles is one of the best ways to build back links to your sight, when you submit an article to article directories you get massive distribution of your article and of course your article will have a resource box at the bottom of the article that has links back to your website.

Also social media is very popular and is another good way to build back links to your sight, basically you register and submit your site or article to social networks, now the benefit of posting to these sites is that others may see and acknowledge your submission and this will result in a higher placement.

Of course with a higher placement comes more links and more link popularity.

No matter what link strategy you use to improve your link popularity, one things for sure, developing in-bound links to your website is a critical step in achieving website placement and traffic. link strategy network marketing network marketing strategy work-delegation business outsourcing pay per clicks