effectively marketing website traffic

If you are not successful at marketing website traffic you are going to find your self between a rock and a hard place.

You should explore many different types of marketing, don't get locked into one certain type and then just set on your duff and wait for the magic to happen.

One very successful marketer has stated there are about 5 main types of advertising techniques used, Of course these are the main types, but obviously there are more than these and more are being tried and developed all the time.

Here are the 5 main types of advertising techniques to assist you in marketing website traffic.

#1 content advertising:

It basically uses content to draw visitors attention, It is the main type of advertising used today, because the entire internet is made up of content (or information.) The following traffic strategies all fall under the content advertising technique:

1. submitting articles to article directories.2. posting articles to places like squidoo, hubpages or blogger.3. posting articles to your own blog or content website. (like I'm doing now)4. press releases.5. paid reviews at other people's websites.6. yahoo answers.7. social bookmarking at places like Digg, Propeller, etc.8. post videos in video sites.9. posting comments and being active in forums.

#2 link advertising:

Marketing website traffic with this type of advertising technique uses a short link with some description to attract visitors directly to your website:1. ppc advertising.2. classified advertising.3. submission to directories.4. link exchange partnership.5. banner advertising (image version of link advertising).6. craigs list advertising.7. email signature.

#3 viral advertising:

this kind of advertising technique is similar to word of mouth advertising in the offline world. The idea is to encourage your existing traffic to bring more traffic to your website, create a buzz.1.offer your products' affiliate program, including finding joint venture partners.2. place a "tell -a-friend" script on your website.3. distribute a viral screen saver, software or ebooks.

#4 Incentivised advertising:

this is where the traffic is rewarded to visit your website.this type takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.1.traffic exchange programs.2. auto-surf advertising.3. paid to read advertising.4. safelist advertising

#5 Obtrusive advertising:

This type of advertising is where the traffic is forced to view your ad, the most typical examples are pop-up and pop-under advertising. The first rule in obtrusive advertising is to avoid un-targeted traffic, which happens to be quite common in this type of advertising. In other words if your ad is shown to a pool of people who are not interested in your offer, you are simply barking up the wrong tree. If the traffic is targeted, your success in obtrusive advertising depends mainly on your offer and the way you present it, this is similar to incentivised advertising.

As your can see marketing website traffic may not be as complicated as it sometimes seems to be, by understanding the basic main types of advertising you can better prepare yourself for your advertising campaigns. effectively marketing website traffic website traffic conversion increase website traffic free website traffic targeted website traffic build website traffic website success