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Multi level marketing owners often times view marketing as something that only large corporations with massive advertising budgets take part in.

Want to know what the wealthiest and most prosperous people in any field have in common? They know how to sell themselves, their products, their services (and even their ideas.) And once YOU know how, you can literally join any business, go anywhere, and be successful.

The ability to sell, and more importantly, understanding how and why people do what they do, is by far the most profitable skill-set you can ever get a hold of. It’s Like Being Able To Make ATM Withdrawals Anytime You Want!

And in multi level marketing I’ve found that in order to sell stuff on a consistent basis your business has to be marketing-centered, NOT product-centered.

What do I mean by that? Well, almost every business owner out there believes what they’re selling is the best. What matters most is how well you let the world know about your products. Or in other words, how well you market them.

We picture images of Budweiser frogs, catchy slogans, and expensive TV commercial time. We see it as being reserved for people in stiff suits who reside in tall, glass office buildings and NOT home-based business owners like ourselves.

Or even worse, we figure we don’t have to worry about marketing our products at all... Because We Assume Our Company Has Taken Care Of It For Us, This is a catastrophic mistake!

In fact, some of the marketing materials your company provides you with are sometimes the worst tools you could possibly rely on, because far too much emphasis is put on the product and far too little emphasis is put on the person actually doing the buying.

And here’s another problem, most home-based multi level business owners view sales and marketing as two totally separate professions.

They don’t understand that they go hand-in-hand and should be used in combination with each other.

I think it’s crazy to become a good one-on-one salesperson WITHOUT having a solid marketing system to back you up.

That’s like saying, “I’m going to plant 30 acres of crops this year – by hand,” when you’ve got an enormous John Deere tractor just sitting around waiting to be used.

You’re only making it harder on yourself. Your marketing system can plant the seeds of your crops (a.k.a. your prospects) for you.

Then you can use your one-to-one sales skills to harvest them. By doing this...You Get More Done In Less Time and With Less Effort!

So to recap and summarize multi level marketing in a way that’s most meaningful to you and your business, lets just say the job of your marketing system is to provide you (and your team) with qualified prospects. The job of your sales process is to close the deal and build relationships with the best ones.

On the other hand, what about using your marketing system to generate prospects AND close the deal, Is this possible?

Yes, and in fact, this should be your goal! To get your marketing to the point where you no longer have to sell to anyone ONE-ON-ONE.

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