an outstanding network marketing strategy

A good network marketing strategy is what is needed to successfully mate together a viable approach of using internet marketing to do what their network marketing companies fail to do and that is to learn how to generate leads or make sales using the Internet.

Although some network marketing companies may provide their distributors with a cookie cutter website that is the same as a thousand others, with identical content, these sites will be ignored by both future prospects and the search engines, which is obviously a huge waste of time and resources.

Now as I have screamed before, you have got to have your own website, where you can do with it as you please, believe me folks your own site is an absolute necessity.

Now once you get your own site you can utilize your very own network marketing strategy.

Do not try to bust out with a fiery sales pitch to sell the big opportunity and ask for the name, address and phone number, but instead be patient, build quality content, pre-sell your opportunity, build trust, offer an email address or phone number where your prospects can contact you with any questions they might have and do not even mention the word sales at this time.

Build confidence in your prospect that you are an expert in your field and your willing to help them out with any problems they may have in the future, let them seek you out, instead of you chasing and begging them to buy your opportunity.

In good time your prospects will call or contact you wanting to join your organization under you and things will eventually start snowballing to the point where you will have more work than you can handle trying to put these people in your down line and train them to be new distributors using your network marketing strategy to advance their careers like it has advanced yours.

Now you will begin to realize significant residual income and enjoy getting 10 to 20 good solid leads a day, leads that you didn't have to pay for, like other distributors do when using the corporate tools recommended by their up-line.

Once you have added 20 to 30 good keyword focused content pages to your site you are now at the point where you can offer your prospects valuable yet free or inexpensive "how to" information up front through an automated direct response network marketing strategy designed to generate leads, prospects, and customers, all you will ask for in return is for them to fill out a form with their name, email address and maybe their telephone number.

Please keep in mind this is your own website and once you get your prospects email address your can not only offer them your network marketing opportunity but any other product or service that you may be connected with.

You can build a tremendous mailing list that is yours and you don't have to pay for it like the other unfortunate distributors that work for your company.

Having your own website also gives you the option to add revenue generators like google adsense to your site, once adsense is installed you don't have to do anything with it but collect the revenue that it generates, how hard is that to do.

Now hopefully you can see that a network marketing strategy like this that links together a good Internet marketing campaign with a network marketing system is without a doubt a marriage made in heaven, well almost anyway. network marketing strategy network marketing work delegation business outsourcing link-strategy pay per clicks

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