using viral marketing to generate massive website traffic

Viral marketing is a large and popular strategy that is used to generate a vast amount of free and targeted traffic to a website or blog.

The concept of viral is that you want people who visit your site to tell other people, friends, and marketers about your site and encourage them to visit it and check it out, this is the key to creating a buzz in the community and it can include strategies like “viral-software, viral-ebooks, various affiliate-programs, tell-a-friend systems and list-building programs.”

You need to have some attraction that is unusual, new, a great bargain, a great freebie or whatever, to get a few people excited enough to get them to spread the word around about your site.

This type of marketing technique is used extensively on pre-existing social networks and through self-replicating viral processes and word-of-mouth it can encourage many people to voluntarily pass along your marketing message.

A lot of marketers feel that viral traffic is better than both search engine traffic and pay-per-click traffic. Some of the reasons given are because it takes a lot less work to make it happen, where as s.e.o. and p.p.c. Traffic requires things like link building, site design, and coming up with competitive keywords.

But with viral traffic you only need an email to your list or a red-hot forum topic to kick-start the process. Once the process is started you can expect massive traffic in a very short period of time, and competition is not a factor like it is in s.e.o.and p.p.c., plus it converts better also.

Now please keep in mind that viral marketing depends on a high pass-along rate from person to person and a large number of recipients forwarding your message to a large number of friends to insure that the over-all growth snowballs quickly.

So obviously if your pass-along numbers get to low your overall growth suffers and can quickly fizzle on you. You will have to closely monitor your numbers to insure things are running smoothly. viral marketing internet marketing affiliate marketing article marketing email marketing marketing tactics internet marketing myths email marketing software