you must track website traffic conversion

Website traffic conversion, what is it? and how do you achieve it, then after you think you may have traffic conversion, how do you measure conversion.

One of the main problems that (new) marketers have is when and if they start tracking their progress they may track the wrong results.

For instance they may track the amount of traffic coming to their web-site, they may see by this that their traffic has increased 30 or 40% over the last week or month or whatever time frame they are using.

Then they are elated, WOW this is great. But hold on, they didn't check their website traffic conversion rate. they may not have any conversions and there first impression is "hey man I'm doing great" I've had a big increase in my web-site traffic.

The bottom line is if you have zero conversions you also have zero profits.

There are many things you may want to track in your marketing efforts but website traffic conversion is the main thing you should track to get an idea if your marketing campaign is doing what it needs to do to insure your "return on investment" is optimal and your profit margins are looking good.

If you can get your conversion rate up to about 5% your ok because thats about the average for successful marketers. Of course I can't stress this enough but having a quality website with quality content is 75% of the battle in my opinion.

For instance my website is monitored automatically by the company that I built my website through and Its a breeze for me to monitor my site.

Now there really is other ways to look at the word conversion in regards to website traffic conversion, for instance if someone has opted in or subscribed to your ezine or your newsletter, filled out a form giving you their name and email address, these actions are also considered to be a conversion.

If you are new at marketing and have a new website and need to figure out how to monitor your marketing efforts then I would highly recommend that you get a FREE program called "Google Analytics", don't be scared off by the word FREE, this is one great monitoring tool that you can use to check numerous events concerning your website visitors.

It will monitor every visitor that comes to your site. It will tell you things like which traffic source sent the visitor to your site, how many pages they visit, which page they leave your site on.

They have a powerful tool called CONVERSIONS which tells you what type of conversion you had from your visitor, for instance it will tell you whether it was a product sale, or someone joined your mailing list or subscribed to your ezine.

If your not tracking with anything at this time grab this free tool and use it, you will be so glad you did later on.

If your not tracking your progress its like a blind person trying to use an ATM machine.

Don't leave money on the table, track your efforts, and see how your doing, you can make changes that are needed and grab that money off the table and put it in your pocket. website traffic conversion increase website traffic free website traffic targeted website traffic marketing website traffic build website traffic website success